Bright And Playful Gray For Decorating Children’s Rooms

It’s not often people think of grey as a bright and fun color suitable for children’s decor or the nursery art for your baby. Grey is however often a very elegant color which allows more vibrant parts of the kids room to jump out, while avoiding the clutter that can come to be associated with bright rooms.

A sophisticated color grey is a key component to many color schemes, especially in a children’s rooms where strong and bright schemes are often used. For grey after all does not have to be made from mixing black and white, grey can be made from mixing complimentary colors such as red and green, blue and orange, or yellow and purple. Such mixtures if done correctly can be vibrant and very warm bright colors in their own right. Such colors include butter milk, silver, white gold, platinum, and creamy colored diamonds. With these colors in mind it’s easy to begin to see how grey can be a fun color used to ad vibrancy to your child’s nursery or room. MÃ¥larbilder djur

Of equal importance these complimentary greys can be used to bridge the gap between the complimentery color schemes of a room. This will help prevent the complimentary color scheme from hurting your child’s eyes or becoming generally overwhelming. Avoiding the overwhelming nature of bright color schemes is especially important when you are designing a room for your child. As children’s décor is often made better with simplicity and only a few bold statements.

Even as grey can turn what might have been an overwhelming color scheme into a fun possibility it can add its own emotions to any color scheme. In the example of purple and gold, a silver like grey could help to make the room seem regal dignified which could be very fun for a child. A butter milk grey could also be used in a similar way to as a bridge between the complementary colors of pink and aqua green to help create the perfect room for a princess without the overwhelming sensation that pink can cause.

Even as Grey can be the perfect color for a child’s room it can also be a good color for the children’s wall art, or the art you might hang in your baby’s room. This is because as a subtle color grays can be used to create great detail or pictures which can stir the imagination. The color grey is easy to look at which means that any pictures done in this color will be easy on the eyes allowing a child to stare at them for a long period of time.

There is one last advantage to grey rooms and color schemes, this is that because grey is so easy on the eyes it creates so few distractions, and requires so little mental effort to process. This means that it is easy to spend long periods of time playing in a light grey room, and grey is believed to help stimulate thought and creativity.


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