How Respironics CPAP Masks Help

Respironics CPAP masks are sought by people who want to treat their condition of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition characterized by episodes of abnormally low breathing during sleep. While not very dangerous, it is quite uncomfortable as it is a sleep disorder and will result in symptoms like daytime sleepiness and drowsiness. It is compelling enough for some people to seek out treatment and they consult doctors who recommend Respironics CPAP Machines masks as a treatment method. These are breathing aids that help in keeping the air passage unobstructed and will hence facilitate breathing and give relief from sleep apnea related discomfort.

Obstruction of the air passage causes sleep apnea and this is caused by several factors. In fact, some patients are advised to sleep on their side, not on the back or stomach, just to make sure that their tongue does not obstruct air passage. Respironics CPAP masks help the person breathe without obstruction by expanding the airway, effectively splinting it open. The device is usually a small bedside machine about as big as a DVD player and this creates positive pressure that keeps the passage open. A mask has to worn on the mouth. Some patients find this to be irritating, an uncomfortable feeling of having the mask on their face when they are trying to sleep.

Respironics CPAP masks are designed to be comfortable and ergonomic while achieving the functionality of creating an airtight seal on the face, but nevertheless, there are some patients who discontinue the therapy. But some will continue the CPAP treatment as the effects of sleep apnea are even more uncomfortable for them. The pressure on the airway is effective only when the mask happens to be of good quality and the Respironics CPAP masks will definitely help the therapy by maintaining the pressure without any leaks. Crating an airtight seal is important since the pressure to be set is an important parameter decided by the doctor after a long period of observation.

Getting treatment through CPAP devices is definitely better than invasive procedures like surgery and the Respironics CPAP masks will help the patient be more comfortable. The masks are designed to be very lightweight and the person will get used to it after a while, just like how people get used to spectacles. The CPAP treatment has helped thousands of people overcome sleep apnea related problems and also has the added benefit of eliminating snoring which is undesirable.


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